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      • CKD6163D Type of the products:CKD6163D CKD6180D CQK61100D
        CKD6163D is a CNC lathe used for machining various kinds of steel parts,casting parts and nonferrous metals parts.The machine has large power and good stiffness,so it is suitable for cutting with high efficiency and high speed.It is especially suitable for mass production of machining inside and outside cylinder surface,end surface,metric and inch thread etc.It can also perform the function of drilling and boring hole.

      CKD6163D is a CNC lathe used for machining various kinds of steel parts,casting parts and nonferrous metals parts.The machine has large power and good stiffness,so it is suitable for cutting with high efficiency and high speed.It is especially suitable for mass production of machining inside and outside cylinder surface,end surface,metric and inch thread etc.It can also perform the function of drilling and boring hole.
      The design and the safe device of the machine can ensure safety of the operator and the machine is also easily operation.
      Main features:
      1.The bed is a whole casting body with high stiffness:the bed is made of high strength resin cast iron,the guide way is hardened by ultrahigh frequency quench and precision ground with properties of good precision keeping and strong loading capacity.
      2.High accuracy of the spindle:the spindle adopt 3-point supporting structure with imported NSK bearing,insuring the spindle has a high rotary accuracy and high stiffness.
      3.Constant line cutting:the adjustment of the spindle speed adopt two step during which speed is changed infinite,the machine can realize constant line cutting the end surface.
      4.Automatic and intermittent lubrication device:every lubricating point can be lutricated fully and intermittently so as to prevent the insufficient lubrication by manual lubrication.
      5.SIMENS 802D CNC system:the system is easily operated and maintaind,and the function of the system is strong.
      CKD6180D CKD6163D CQK61100D
      Max.swing diameter over bed Φ800mm Φ630mm Φ1000mm
      Max.swing diameter over cross slide Φ510mm Φ350mm Φ710mm
      Max.swing diameter on gap Φ1000mm Φ800mm Φ1200mm
      Width of bed 600mm
      Max.workpiece weight between chuck and center 3T
      Spindle nose C11
      Spindle bore diameter 100mm
      Taper of spindle bore 1:20
      Range of spindle speed 6-800r/min
      Min. set unit of longitudinal 0.001mm
      Min. set unit of transverse 0.001mm
      Range of threads 0.15-120mm
      No.of toolpost positions 4
      tailstock center taper Taper Morse No.6
      tailstock center taper 200mm
      tailstock spindle diameter 120mm
      Main motor power 15kw
      Cool pump power 0.15kw
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