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      • 2M2125A 2M2135A Type of the products:2M2125A 2M2135A
        2M2125A 2M2135A CNC HIGH EFFICIENCY DEEPHOLE HONING MACHINE is a special equipment used for honing cylindrical deephole parts such as various hydraulic oil cylinders and cylinders.Hole diameter accuracy of machined workpieces can be up to or over IT7 and surface roughness Ra0.2-0.4μm.It can also repair and maintain taper and ellipticity of machined workpieces with the help of partial honing.

      2M2125A 2M2135A CNC HIGH EFFICIENCY DEEPHOLE HONING MACHINE is a special equipment used for honing cylindrical deephole parts such as various hydraulic oil cylinders and cylinders.Hole diameter accuracy of machined workpieces can be up to or over IT7 and surface roughness Ra0.2-0.4μm.It can also repair and maintain taper and ellipticity of machined workpieces with the help of partial honing.
      This machine is mated with KND CNC system.AC servo motor,honing box adopt stepless speed,Autocycle timing control unit is used on this machine during reciprocating honing so as to assure accuracy of machined holes and decrease the intensity of labour.
      Sand blades and workpieces always maintain constant pressure during honing.It is a feature of high efficiency and strong cutting force.It can perform rough and finished honing of general cylindrical deephole parts after rough-boring.It can directly perform high efficiency honing of colddrawing steel pipes.Traditional deephole processing is simplified by using this machine.Productivity is greatly increased.Materials of honed workpieces may be casting iron or all kinds of steel including quench parts.Cooling system of this machine adopts the method of three-step filtering in order to assure clearing of coolant.
      This machine is controlled by electrical operating center.It is easy,safe and reliable in operation.
      It can perform not only honing of mass products but also small batch workpieces.It is perfect equipment for machining deep hole parts.
      specifications technical data(2M2125A) technical data(2M2135A)
      range of honing diameter 40-250mm 80-350mm
      Max.honing depth 8000 12000
      height from spindle to bed 350 350
      diameter range of workpiece clamped 60-350 100-420
      speed range of spindle 25-250r/min 25-250r/min
      speed range of carriage rapid-moving 3-20m/min 3-20m/min
      main motor of honing box 7.5kW 15kW
      flow of honing head expanding system 12.5L/min 12.5L/min
      max pressure of honing head expanding system 4MPa 4MPa
      flow of cooling pump 50L/min 100L/min
      capacity of cooling box 950L 950L
      motor power of honing head expanding system 1.1kW 1.1kW
      motor power of cooling pump 2.2kW 2.2kW
      power of reciprocating motor 5.5kW 7.5kW
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