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      • 2MK2135 2MK2135A Type of the products:2MK2135 2MK2135A 2MK2150
        2MK2135, 2MK2135A ,2MK2150 CNC high efficiency deephole honing machine is the equipment suitable for honing and burnishing cylindrical deephole parts such as various precision hydraulic oil cylinders and cylinders etc. The machine is specialized in honing and burnishing step holes and the accuracy of hole diameter can be up to or over IT8-IT9, while the surface roughness is Ra 02.-0.4μm.It can also be used to repair and maintain taper and ellipticity of machined workpieces under the cooperation of partial honing. The cold drawn steel tube can directly be honed powerfully.

      2MK2135, 2MK2135A ,2MK2150 CNC high efficiency deephole honing machine is the equipment suitable for honing and burnishing cylindrical deephole parts such as various precision hydraulic oil cylinders and cylinders etc. The machine is specialized in honing and burnishing step holes and the accuracy of hole diameter can be up to or over IT8-IT9, while the surface roughness is Ra 02.-0.4μm.It can also be used to repair and maintain taper and ellipticity of machined workpieces under the cooperation of partial honing. The cold drawn steel tube can directly be honed powerfully.
      2MK2150 deephole honing machine is the ideal equipments for deephole machining with high precision and high efficiency. The machine is mated with SIEMENS or FANUC CNC system. AC servo motor. The honing box adopts stepless speed regulation, and Germany ATLANTA high accuracy racks. The gears are installed to realize the reciprocation of honing head, thus the honing position is under control precisely. Mated with linear guideway , it possesses long service life and high accuracy. The honing head adopts hydraulic constant pressure expanding system, sand blades always maintain constant pressure to sure the roundness and cylinder of workpieces. The honing pressure can be regulated with reference to the requirement. The pressure is under control which can realize the rough and finish honing on the control panel.
      specifications technical data
      Range of honing diameter Φ100-Φ500mm
      Max. honing depth 12000mm
      Speed range of spindle 10-200r/min(stepless)
      Workpiece clamped diameter range Φ150-Φ650mm
      Range of carriage rapid-moving speed 5-18m/min (stepless)
      Flow of coolant pump 200L/min
      Working pressure of honing head expanding system 4MPa
      Main motor power of honing box 15kW(A.C motor driven spindle)
      Reciprocating motor driven honing box 70Nm(A.C motor driven spindle)
      Motor power of honing head expanding system 1.5kW
      Motor power of coolant system 2.2kW
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