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      • ZK2104 Type of the products:ZK2104
        The machine is a specialized one engaged in drilling deepholes with properties of high efficiency, high accuracy and high automation. It adopts external-chip removing method (gundrill method),through once continues drilling, it can realizes the machining accuracy and surface roughness normally under the procedure of drilling, expanding and reaming.

      The machine is a specialized one engaged in drilling deepholes with properties of high efficiency, high accuracy and high automation. It adopts external-chip removing method (gundrill method),through once continues drilling, it can realizes the machining accuracy and surface roughness normally under the procedure of drilling, expanding and reaming.
      The machine is controlled by CNC system with function of both single action and automatic recycling so that it can meet the requirements of small batch and large batch machining. Double spindles are installed on headstock and drilling box respectively for improving efficiency, resulting in two workpieces can be drilled simultaneously . Thus the machine can drill through hole, blind hole and step hole and specialize in batch workpieces manufacture.
      The machine can be widely used in drilling deepholes of small parts in the field of automobile and motorcycle, mould.
      specifications technical data
      Range of drilling dia. 10-40mm
      Max. drilling depth 450/950mm
      Spindle speed of headstock 380r/min( or no headstock)
      Range of drilling box spindle speed(stepless) 100-3000r/min
      Feedrate range (Z axis ) (stepless) 10-150mm/min
      Pressure range of coolant system 1-6MPa
      Flow range of coolant system 6-150L/min
      Rapid travel speed of feeding carriage 5m/min
      Torque of feeding motor 11N.M
      Spindle motor power of drilling box 7.5kW(A.C. spindle)
      Motor power of headstock 5.5kW
      General motor power (approx.) 38kW(Approx.)
      Overall dimension(LxWxH) 4050×4050×2050(500mm)5100×4050×2050(1000mm)
      machine weight(approx.) 7t(500mm)8t(1000mm)
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