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      • ZK21006 Type of the products:ZK21006
        The machine is specialized in drilling deephole with the properties of high efficiency ,good accuracy and high automation. It is suitable for drilling through hole on cutting tools and cutlery, injection holes of the oil pump, through holes on textile spindle in textile industry, pin holes in mold industry and micro-holes in optical instruments and motorcycle industries by adopting motorized spindle with high speed, mechanic seal adapted to high speed and high pressure, equipped with imported solid cemented carbide drill and latest flow sense display devices

      The machine is specialized in drilling deephole with the properties of high efficiency ,good accuracy and high automation. It is suitable for drilling through hole on cutting tools and cutlery, injection holes of the oil pump, through holes on textile spindle in textile industry, pin holes in mold industry and micro-holes in optical instruments and motorcycle industries by adopting motorized spindle with high speed, mechanic seal adapted to high speed and high pressure, equipped with imported solid cemented carbide drill and latest flow sense display devices
      specifications technical data
      Range of drilling dia. φ1.5mm-φ6mm
      Max. drilling depth 300mm
      Headstock spindle speed 370r/min
      Driving power of headstock spindle 1.1kW
      Spindle speed of drilling box (frequency-changed ,stepless, motorized spindle) 3000-20000r/min
      Range of drilling box spindle speed(stepless) 2.5kW
      Driving power of feed motor 1.57kW
      Driving torque of feed motor 4.7N.m
      Rated torque of feeding motor (Z axis, stepless) 5-500mm/min
      Rapid travel speed of feeding carriage 5m/min
      Pressure range of coolant 3-18MPa(adjustable)
      Max. flow of the coolant 20L/min(adjustable )
      Overall dimension(LxWxH) 4050×4050×2050(500mm)5100×4050×2050(1000mm)
      machine weight(approx.) 7t(500mm)8t(1000mm)
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