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      • CW6180 Type of the products:CW6180
        This machine is suitable for the turning of middle and small size parts of various kinds of steel,cast iron and non-ferrous metal.The machine has features of large power and good rigidity and is suitable for power and high-speed cutting.It can perform to turn end-faces,cylindrical and internal holes of various parts as well as metric,inch,module and pitch threads,it also can undertake the tasks of drilling and boring.

      This machine is suitable for the turning of middle and small size parts of various kinds of steel,cast iron and non-ferrous metal.The machine has features of large power and good rigidity and is suitable for power and high-speed cutting.It can perform to turn end-faces,cylindrical and internal holes of various parts as well as metric,inch,module and pitch threads,it also can undertake the tasks of drilling and boring.
      Machine spindle speed is infinite of varispeed so as to realize change speed without stop spindle.Speed range is wide and suitable for rough and finish turning.
      The bed is made of high strength resin cast iron,the guide-way is hardened by ultra-high frequnency quench and precison groud with properties of good precision-keeping and strong loading capacity.
      The safe mechanism in apron can protect the machine to aviod the damage cause by over-loading to ensure the machine safe and reliable.It is equipped with rapid handle on cross and longitudinal direction so tool post can move easily.
      CW6180 CW6280 is the baasic model,we also can supply CW6163 CW6263 and CQW61100 on the basis.
      The machine has the properties of strong rigidity,large power,high efficiency,good reliability,easy operation and elegant outlook.
      CW6180 CW6280 CW6163 CW6263 CQW61100
      Max.swing diameter over bed 800mm 630mm 1000mm
      Max. length of workpiece machined 1-10m
      Max.swing diameter over saddle 510mm 350mm 710mm
      Swing diameter×useful width over gap 1000×350mm 800×350mm 1200×350mm
      Width of bed 600mm
      Max. workpiece weight between centers 3T
      Spindle bore diameter Φ100mm
      Taper of spindle bore Metric 120#
      Range of spindle speed 6-800r/min(Two grade,stepless)
      Spindle-head type C type 11
      Longitudinal feeds range 0.1-12.2mm/r
      Transversal feeds range 0.05-6.6mm/r
      Carriage rapid-moving speed 3.8m/min
      Metric threads range 1-120mm 47種
      Inch threads range 28-1/2 t/inch 25 kinds
      Module threads range 0.5-60mm 45 kinds
      Pitch threads range 28-1 t/inchπ 29 kinds
      Tool post tranverse travel 449mm
      Top tool post travel 200mm
      Diameter of tailstock spindle Φ120mm
      Travel of tailstock spindle 200mm
      Taper of tailstock spindle Morse 6#
      Main motor power 15kW
      Rapid motor power 1.1kW
      Coolant motor power 0.15kW
      General power 16.25kW
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