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      • CW61160Z Type of the products:CW61160Z
        CW61160Z is an electromechanical integrated lathe which is a precision one combined electrical technology, automatic control, hydraulic control and modern mechanic design .The lathe is manufactured by adopting international advanced design method and manufacturing technology, CAD optimum design method and executing the state latest accuracy standard on the basis of long term experiences in manufacturing horizontal lathe with reference to the customers’ order. The lathe possesses properties of high working accuracy, high rigidity, long service life, high efficiency and various safety functions.

      CW61160Z is an electromechanical integrated lathe which is a precision one combined electrical technology, automatic control, hydraulic control and modern mechanic design .The lathe is manufactured by adopting international advanced design method and manufacturing technology, CAD optimum design method and executing the state latest accuracy standard on the basis of long term experiences in manufacturing horizontal lathe with reference to the customers’ order. The lathe possesses properties of high working accuracy, high rigidity, long service life, high efficiency and various safety functions.
      The lathes is a universal one which can perform to turn spindle spare parts ,cylindrical and disc components such as external cylinders, end faces, grooves, cutting transactions ,boring ,threads and taper etc. with high speed steel tools and cemented carbide steel tools .
      The machine is driven by D.C. motor, and spindle speed is three grade stepless speed-adjustable , thus the cutting rate under different conditions can be obtained.
      The feeding system is connected by ball screw and main driving devices, which associates federate and spindle speed together, so as to choose the federate conveniently.
      Specifications Parameters
      Max. swing diameter over bed Φ1600mm
      The swing diameter of max. workpieces over carriage Φ1250mm
      Max. length of workpieces 6000 mm-16000 mm
      Range of spindle speed (3 grades, stepless) 0.8-160r/min
      Spindle bore diameter Φ85mm
      Spindle chuck dia Φ1600mm
      Rapid travel speed Z/X axis 3m/min
      Travel on Z/X axis 3m/min
      Main motor power DC:75KW
      Weight: (6000 8000 10000 12000 14000 16000mm) 41 45 50 53 56 59T
      Overall dimensions (6000 8000 10000 12000 14000 16000mm) 11600×2480×2280mm 13600×2480×2280mm 15600×2480×2280mm 17600×2480×2280mm 19600×2480×2280mm 21600×2480×2280mm
      Tools 1 set
      Roller 1 set
      Steady rest 2 set
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