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      • CW611N Type of the products:CW611N
        These lathes can perform to turn endfaces ,cylindrical surfaces and internal holes of various parts as well as metric, inch ,module and pitch threads. The top tool post can be operated individually by power for cutting short taper surface . It also can be turned automatically through the compound movement combining longitudinal feed with the top slide feed. Moreover ,the machines may be used for drilling ,boring and trepanning. They have characteristics of  power ,high spindle speed and high rigidity. The various ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts may be turned through the heavy cutting by carbon alloy tools.

      These lathes can perform to turn endfaces ,cylindrical surfaces and internal holes of various parts as well as metric, inch ,module and pitch threads. The top tool post can be operated individually by power for cutting short taper surface . It also can be turned automatically through the compound movement combining longitudinal feed with the top slide feed. Moreover ,the machines may be used for drilling ,boring and trepanning. They have characteristics of power ,high spindle speed and high rigidity. The various ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts may be turned through the heavy cutting by carbon alloy tools.
      The machine is composed of the bed of machine,headstock,feeding box,tailstock,carriage and tool post,fixed device and etc.
      CW61125N CW61140N CW61160N CW61180N CW61200N
      Max.swing diameter over bed 1300mm 1500mm 1700mm 1900mm 2100mm
      Max.swing diameter over carriage 900mm 1100mm 1300mm 1500 1700mm
      Width of bed 1100mm
      Max.length of workpiece 1000 -12000mm
      The bed saddle longitudinal maximum sroke 1000 -12000mm
      The top two largest bearing 20t
      Spindle nose A15
      Sindle bore diameter 100mm
      Taper of spindle bore Metric No.140
      Range of spindle speed 2-200
      Spindle front bearing inner diameter 280mm
      Longitudinal feeds range 0.1-12r/min 56 kinds
      Transversal feeds range 0.05-6mm/r 56kinds
      Metric thread range 1-120mm 44kinds
      Inch thread range 3/8-28TPI 31kinds
      Module threads range 0.5-60mm 45kinds
      Pitch threads range 1-56TPI 25kinds
      Taper of Tailstock sleeve Metric No.80
      Traver of tailstock sleeve 300mm
      Diameter of tailstock sleeve 280mm
      Main motor power DC55kW
      Rapid motor power 1.5kW
      Coolant pump power 0.125kW
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